Welcome to Cataract of Dreams

Cataract of Dreams is the joint venture of Cuculum and Kathrina s. East.
We publish mainly music, drawings and German-language texts.

This homepage aims to be as complete a documentation of our work as possible. It is separated into three sections, each coming with a different color scheme:

  • In the yellow central section you can find common information as well as our music.
  • In the black section, which is also the homepage of Cuculum, you can find drawings and exhibitions.
  • In the blue section, which is also the homepage of Kathrina s. East, you can find texts (German only) as well as some photography.

On this main page we additionally inform you about the projects we are currently working on.

Redbubble - Buy Art Prints Online

Those who visited the exhibition “Spiegelbilder” know that we gave away prints there. These prints had been made for “Spiegelbilder” or one of the earlier exhibitions, which meant that their number was severely limited. So we were often asked for prints that unfortunately were no longer available.

For all those who are interested in one of Cuculum’s works and who were not able to make a find during “Spiegelbilder”, we are now on Redbubble. Redbubble is an online store through which artists can design and sell products. The items can comfortably be ordered via their website and the artist gets a share of the sales price.
If you are looking for something specific, which we do not yet have on Redbubble, feel free to message us via and we will strive to provide it.


To get a finished piece of music it is not enough to write and play it.
Recording, mixing, and mastering have to be done as well. In 2020 we decided that we want to do this ourselves, to be less dependent on other people or the amount of money we are able to spend on professionals. As a consequence, we began with covering some simple and copyright-free songs to train our recording and editing skills. The results can be found here.

Nachtschwärmers Abendlied (Music)

‘Nachtschw√§rmers Abendlied’ is a short, atmospherical arrangement based on the eponymous poem by Kathrina. Right now it is only a composition, but we plan on recording and producing it on our own.
According to plan, the piece was to be published as early as fall 2021, but the “Spiegelbilder” exhibition and the corona pandemic have caused some delays. A new date has not been set yet.
Until then we provide two small snippets to get a glimpse on it. So far it is a Midi-File, so all Sounds are auto-generated and will be replaced later on.