The History of CatoD

The Metalband

End of 2015 Kathrina s. East and Feuerwicht found the band together with friends . The instrumentation consists of two guitars, a bass, drums and vocals. The band will mainly play self-written Metal. It has its first gig in summer 2016 with cover songs and disbanded already the following autumn, when several members left the band for different reasons.

The Poetic (Piano) Rockband

Johannes, Feuerwicht, Kathrina and Sebastian

In search of a new guitarist, Feuerwicht and Kathrina meet the pianist and keyboardist Johannes. The three of them form a new band, write their first own songs and perform together.
Trumpeter Sebastian will join them at the beginning of 2018. At the latest now the music of the band doesn't fit into any scheme anymore. On the rough basis of rock in the broadest sense, different keys and styles are combined. In summer 2018 the demo album with the title Oneira is recorded which will be published in 2019 with a delay of almost a year both online and on CD.
After more than 20 songs and four years of playing together, the group decides to retire from the stage in summer 2020. Due to the Corona crisis, a last joint appearance with the new bassist Martin, who has just joined the band, unfortunately won't take place.

Kathrina & Feuerwicht

The singer and the drummer, Kathrina and Feuerwicht, will stay together even after the dissolution of the second band constellation and are planning digital music projects for the future, which will mainly be released online. Among other things, concept albums are being considered, which will be combined with comics and stories.