Evening Leaves

One day I walked bemused through an empty park and the sun was setting red at the riverside.
When a man came down the road and he smiled at me. Oh, I know that I‘ll never forget his eyes for they seemed to be in love with me.

Today I woke him up in our first own home. When the sun was rising red at the riverside.
And remembered how I walked through this empty park. Oh, I knew that I have seen him before:
There was this boy who always laughed with me.

What we leave when the evening’s leaves fall sun will soon find again as she rises overhead. We stand and watch her burn the sea.
The winds will take our leaves to heavens from where the rain will bring it back to earth one day, we will find them in our beds.

One day I sat alone in an empty park and the wine I drank was red like my selfish thoughts.
Hours passed while I felt sorry for myself. Today I know that what has saved me there was this memory that I hold dear:

One night we sat bemused by a bonfires side and the flames were burning red at the riverside.
When you promised me (that) whatever happens you’ll be there. Oh, I knew that I’ll never forget your words
and the unspoken between them.

What we leave {…}

One day I walked bemused through an empty park and the leaves were falling red from the trees around.
Back at home I realized that I had lost my golden ring. Oh, I cried, because it was a gift for me from a family member I loved.

Today I planted seeds in my flower beds and a rose is blooming red right in front of my house.
Oh, when suddenly I found my ring inside my hands. I wonder if the magpie brought it back
that is sitting over me in the trees.

What we leave {…}

Text: Kathrina s. East, Feuerwicht
Musik: Kathrina s. East, Johannes Höfener, Feuerwicht
Projekte: Oneira