Welcome to the Homepage of Kathrina s. East

Kathrina s. East is a german language author, as well as a singer, composer, and part of the artist duo Cataract of Dreams.
If you just came from the catod.de homepage, you have now found the part of the site that is about words and photography. You can always return to the CatoD homepage via the dropdown menu under Links.
If you found this page by changing the language of the kathrina-s-east.de to English, here’s a little information: Kathrina tries to provide as much of her content as possible in German and English. Unfortunately, our language skills are far from sufficient to adequately translate artistic texts. Therefore, we ask for your understanding that this page is available in English only to a limited extent.

Have fun looking around!

Art With Words

If you have been watching the menu carefully, you will not have failed to notice that there is a new entry there.
While layouting one of our books, we came across rather by chance how interesting the visual representation of word meanings can be. After a first collection of ideas, it became clear that this could turn into a whole series, presumably based on German and English words. Here is a little preview.

Our Music

To get a finished piece of music, it is not enough to write the music and play the piece. To make music accessible, it has to be recorded, mixed, and mastered.
In 2020, we decided that we wanted to do all of that ourselves. We wanted to be less dependent on others and how much money we have left to pay for professional help.
In the meantime, we have recorded the first tracks of the former band’s tracks Emperor of the Sun and Breathe; however, there is probably still some work ahead of us before we can present results.

Nachtschwärmers Abendlied (Music)

‘Nachtschw√§rmers Abendlied’ is a short, atmospherical arrangement based on the eponymous poem by Kathrina. Right now it is only a composition, but we plan on recording and producing it on our own.
According to plan, the piece was to be published as early as fall 2021, but the “Spiegelbilder” exhibition and the corona pandemic have caused some delays. A new date has not been set yet.
Until then we provide two small snippets to get a glimpse on it. So far it is a Midi-File, so all Sounds are auto-generated and will be replaced later on.