Dreams & Feathers

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I am Kathrina s. East and together with Cuculum I form the artist duo Cataract of Dreams.
I publish:

  • Texts of all kinds. From poems to short stories to novels.
    My original language is German. I’ll try to translate as much as I can.
  • Music. To be found on the page of Cataract of Dreams.
  • Art with words. In this case not texts, but graphic imagery.
  • Photos that I have made myself
  • as well as photographic portraits for which I have been the model.

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Have fun looking around!

Emperor of the Sun - Our music is back!​

Literally months have passed since we decided to rework our music releases. In that time we’ve learned how to record, mix, master music, animate videos for it, and more.
Now the first of the revised music tracks is finally released:
Emperor of the Sun is back!

You can no longer find our music on Spotify but still on many other platforms such as Bandcamp, Soundcloud, Youtube or Tidal.

Copper & Green – The Moneyshot


After a forced break caused by the pandemic, it was finally time again for a joint project by Kathrina and Severin Frank. The result is a new photo series under the title Copper & Green – The Moneyshot.

Spektrallinien content


Spektrallinien, the book accompanying the exhibition Spiegelbilder has now been published for over a year. Now the pictures and poems can also be found on our homepage. Twice: once as an exhibition on Cuculums page and once as a collection of poems on Kathrinas.

Redesign of the page

CatoD Header

We have updated the content of our site.
In particular, we have revised the Printed and the Contact pages to make inquiries to us easier and more intuitive.
As part of the changes, Cuculum has also received an additional page dedicated to his work as an illustrator.

Some of you may notice that we no longer link to our social media profiles. This is a intentional decision, as we don’t especially like Social Media and taking care of the additional pages takes a lot of time. If you want to stay up to date, we recommend our newsletter.