Welcome to the homepage of Kathrina s. East

Kathrina s. East is a german author, singer, composer and part of the artist duo Cataract of Dreams.
If you just came from the catod.de homepage, you have now found the part of the site that is mainly about photography. You can always return to the CatoD homepage via the dropdown menu under “Links”.
If you found this page by changing the language of the kathrina-east.de to English, here’s a little information: Kathrina tries to provide as much of her content as possible in German and English. Unfortunately, however, our language skills are far from sufficient to adequately translate artistic texts. We therefore ask for your understanding that this page is available in English only to a very limited extent. For practical reasons, we also provide current information on events that take place exclusively in German only on the German version of our pages. Information about past events are available bilingually in the archive.

Have fun looking around!